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    WAN bandwidth requirements for Storage profiler.


      I have downloaded a trail version of Storage profiler and would like to monitor my SUN SAN storage using this profiler. However, I would like to manage this across the WAN. The SAN storage is located in our HO and the Storage profiler will be installed in one of our branch offices. Both these offices have site to site vpn connectivity.

      Before I proceed with the configuration I need to know the WAN bandwidth requirement. Both the server and Profiler agent will be installed in the Branch office.


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          So, there isn't a real firm answer on this because it all depends on little factors (number of arrays, how large the array is, are you gathering VMWare, etc.), but there is a preferred setup for minimalizing the amount of bandwidth across the WAN.  SMI-S providers are built to synchronize with the array, and therefore will be constantly transferring data.  The Profiler Agents will only be sending data when they need to be collected on, which, at most, will be ~1-300kb over 30 seconds.  So, it would be preferred that you setup a Profiler Agent and SMI-S Provider on the other side of the WAN to collect SAN information locally, then transfer it back to the Profiler Server to have it in a single pane of glass.