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    Monitor Devices behind a NAT - Is it  possibile to fetch the ARP Table?

      Hi guys,

      I have a question I wouldlike to post here because maybe you can help me about it.

      We have many sites using the same network address (let's say 192.168.0.X / 24 ). We use a Cisco ASA 5505 or a Cisco Rotuer to statically NAT this network into a new network unique (lets' say 172.16.0.X /24 ). We would like to keep track of the devices that are behind this Cisco ASA.

      We can actually reach them on the natted unique network (172.16.0.X) but sometimes the machines  behind this NAT have an incorrect gateway or no gateway at all.. and so we don't see them at all..  my question is:

      Is there a way to fetch the arp table from a Cisco ASA5505 and/or a Cisco 8xx Series router? Or is there any other way to get information about devices behind that are plaed behind a NAT?

      In this way even if we can't monitor the device directly we still may know if it's alive or not.. I've tried to locate something like the arp table in ASA MIB but without success.. does anyone know if this thing is possible? and how?

      Thank you for help.

      Valerio Galantini