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    Solarwinds Orion Management Pack for SCOM


      I am trying to install the Solarwinds Orion Management Pack for SCOM on our test system and it is failing each time with the following error "RestartService: couldn't open service database for HealthService"

      This is on the RMS server, the SQL server is remote for SCOM.

      Current versions are as follows: -

      • SCOM 2007 R2
      • Windows 2008 64bit
      • SQL 2008
      • Orion Management Pack 1.1

      Any help on this would be great as its the missing link in our Service Management Strategy.

      Regards Jon 

        • Re: Solarwinds Orion Management Pack for SCOM

          Few points regarding the question:

          • Orion SCOM MP should be installed on RMS with running  OM health and SDK services
          • Installation should be run under account with permissions to restart health service
          • Regarding remote SQL – it not a problem – just make sure that OM SDK/actions accounts have enough permissions to write performance data into the database

          PS: please note, AFAIK, Orion MP SCOM hasn’t been tested on RMS/clustered RMS environments

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