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    L2 Netflow Nexus 7K

      I have L3 Netflow working, but need some assistance with L2.

      I know it is supported on the N7K/Cisco.

      Anyone know if this has been tested by Solarwinds or if this is

      a support configuration ?

      Here is my configuration:

      image : n7000-s1-dk.5.1.2.bin

      Solarwinds NTA v3.7

      flow exporter Solarwinds_NTA
        destination use-vrf management
        transport udp 2055
        source mgmt0
        version 9
      flow monitor m1
        record netflow-original
        exporter Solarwinds_NTA
      flow monitor Layer2
        record netflow layer2-switched input
        exporter Solarwinds_NTA

      interface port-channel2
        description vpc 2 - eth 2/25 to dc1a-acc-6k eth2/1
        switchport mode trunk
        switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,2500-2999,3500-3509
        spanning-tree guard root
        mtu 9216
        mac packet-classify
        vpc 2
        layer2-switched flow monitor Layer2 input