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    How to monitor Profiler Agents with Profiler


      We want to send a SNMP trap alert when Profiler loses connection to the agent (not necessarily when there are polling delays).

      What is the most effective way to do this? Also, do we have to "acknowledge" the event in Profiler before it will alert again?

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          Yup, this can be done.  If you click the edit icon (the pen and paper icon) for the specific agent, there is a checkbox for 'Monitor Agent' which will send a trap whenever the Agent goes from a Green to a Red or Yellow status (yellow is defined as collection or real time hasn't occured in 5 minutes, red is defined as yellow + agent is not pingable).


          Profiler by default will only email you once until you acknowledge the alert, but to turn that off, you will find a setting in Settings --> Server Setup: All --> GUI.  The Setting is "E-Mail Notifications on SNMP Alerts:" and by default it is first occurance only.