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    Can a Node be defined as 'Unpluggable' like an interface is 'Unpluggable'?


      We have many remote sites that are connected to the central site via VPN connection over the Internet.  the NOC monitors Orion and when ever a remote (VPN) site is not connected they get a line item showing up in the 'Nodes with Problems' list and they log incidents with an outage.  I have requested they not log incidents on these nodes but they still log them because that is what they are trained to do.  I have set all the interfaces at these sites to be 'Unpluggable' but the node still shows up as a Node with a problem' on the Orion home screen.  I don't want to remove monitoring from these sites because I need to see the bandwidth utilization for each device connected to the remote router / switch and CPU and memory utilization on the router.

      Can a Node be set to 'Unpluggable' so the NOC will not see the device on the 'Nodes with Problems' list on the Home page?