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    Cisco Nexus 7000 (NX-OS)  :: Configuring port/vlan monitoring


      Cisco have changed the way you configure port or VLAN monitoring on the NX-OS based switches.


      You can now configure a maximum of 18 SPAN sessions on a device BUT only two SPAN sessions can be running simultaneously. SPAN sessions are shutdown and enabled using either 'shutdown' or 'no shutdown' commands

      Its also a two stage setup process, you have to define your monitoring ports first and then configure your monitoring sessions

      Step 1     Configure destination ports in access or trunk mode, and enable SPAN monitoring.

      switch# config t
        switch(config)# interface ethernet 2/5
          switch(config-if)# switchport
          switch(config-if)# switchport mode trunk
          switch(config-if)# switchport monitor
          switch(config-if)# no shut
          switch(config-if)# exit

      Step 2     Configure a SPAN session.

        switch(config)# no monitor session 3
        switch(config)# monitor session 3
          switch(config-monitor)# source interface ethernet 2/1-3, ethernet 3/1 rx
          switch(config-monitor)# source interface port-channel 2
          switch(config-monitor)# source interface sup-eth 0 both
          switch(config-monitor)# source vlan 3, 6-8 tx
          switch(config-monitor)# filter vlan 3-5, 7
          switch(config-monitor)# destination interface ethernet 2/5
          switch(config-monitor)# no shut
          switch(config-monitor)# exit
        switch(config)# show monitor session 3