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    Alert Reset suppression


      The common answer I seem to be getting with my issue is that it isn't available at this time.  It's possible to put a holdoff timer on alerts as a whole or under trigger actions but there isn't an option to put the same timer on the reset actions.  The result of this is that our afterhours pager gets pages that a node is back up even though they were never notified that the node was down.  

      Basically what we do is send an email out when a node goes down to a distribution list.  After-hours, a page goes out after 30 minutes to our after-hours tech.  We have this setup under the trigger actions to work.  The issue we have is that there is no hold-off timer on the reset actions so the tech is getting the pages unnecessarily.  

      Mainly it's just an annoyance that I've been banging my head against the wall to find a workaround for.  Feel free to call me out if it's just something I'm missing.  Thanks!