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    Custom Chart +/- 24hrs button


      Hi folks,

      I would love to see on custom chart pages buttons that allow you to quickly click to move the selected time period of a graph 24 hours into the future or 24 hours into the past.

      I love the present graph filters of 'last 7 days', 'last 30 days' etc but I frequently find when searching charts for device/network errors that are of a very short nature I must use the 'custom' time period. But the problem with this is everytime you want to alter the period you have to re-type the date and time. What I am proposing is the ability when using the 'custom' time period filter to move that time period 24 hours forward or backwards by clicking a button.

      This would be applicable for custom time periods of more or less than 24hrs. Example If you select a custom window of 13:00 - 14:00 on the 2nd Jan by hitting the +24 hr button it would move the period to 13:00 - 14:00 3rd Jan

      Same goes for periods greater than 24hrs, if I select a three day window for the graph to include the 3rd, 4th & 5th hitting the -24hr button will move the chart time period back to the 2nd, 3rd & 4th of Jan.


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          Gotcha, we are looking at general charting enhancement for the future.  Something like here - http://www.google.com/finance?q=csco

          Where you can select the time period via an interactive slider below the chart.

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              Hi bshopp,

              yeah I love that feature on google, the way users can adjust the displayed period so easily by increasing and decreasing the size of the slider bar and also move the displayed period by simply sliding the bar, very intuitive. To hell with my idea this is far superior lol, looking forward to seeing it in action.


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                I really, really hope I can sway your decision on this :)

                If you guys are going to give charting an update, please look at adding all the features of a tools like this: (http://www.dotnetcharting.com/demo.aspx)

                Specifically, the click to zoom feature set (http://www.dotnetcharting.com/gallery/view.aspx?id=NavigatorNavBarStyling).  It's unbelievably useful; as I am sure you guys are aware.

                My point is; a slider control just doesn't cut it.  Yes, it's better than nothing.  But instead of just a sub-orbital rocket launch, give us a trip to the moon.  After all, you guys are SolarWinds, not UpperAtmosphere (Wow, that was unbelievably bad, even for me).


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                    We are on the same page completely in the spirit of what we would like to do.  Google Finance was just the best real world example I had off the top of my head.

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                      that was pure unadulterated cheese right there We use the click to zoom feature in a product called Stealthwatch which is Java based I've never used it with ASP, but it's very handy indeed.

                      I feel that there's not much between them. With regards to functionality and ease of use they are both pretty solid.

                      There is one other thing I would like to use this post to suggest. For our 24hr ops team who I would classify as 'Jack of all trades and masters of none' or even for a quick glance view it would be great to coloured watermarks for warning or critical thresholds on the graphs if a spike on the grpah has exceeded a threshold. (see attached image)