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    Node ID


      I'm trying to make some custom reports based on specifc nodes. 

      How can I find what the Node ID of a device is, so i can filter on this device?

      The same goes for interface IDs as well.



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          In the system manager, right click your required node and select 'node details'. The node id is the listed at the bottom of the new window along with all other details.

          The same goes for the interfaces, just right click and select 'interface details'.



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            Malik Haider

            Another easy way. Through the Diagnostics. 

            >Start >All Programs>Solarwinds Orion >Documents Support>Orion Diagnostics. 

            it will create a zip folder on you desktop > Unzip > go to DB and Node.xls 

            Now you have all the nodes with Node id in one file xls . 

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                Thank you for this answer. I found the Net Object C:113...ect Ive been looking for. Once I saw this output and realized "C" was containers, "I" was interfaces, and :N: was nodes (all very obvious in retrospect) it was easy to find under the DB file in this diag dump. Now I have to figure out why its throwing a account limitation error.

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                As you're already using the report writer you could just create a new inventory report and add the nodeID and other required fields to it and use it to create your filters in the other report.