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    Ruckus AP IP addresses

      Hi All,

      We had a requirement of monitoring wireless access points at work here. I have successfully imported Ruckus MIB's, created new undp's, and the ruckus zone director gives me all sorts of data including IP, MAC, the number of connected clients, location of the AP etc. 

      Everything looks good on paper however the actual IP addresses when reported in the web interface show up as the actual OID's, instead of the value of OID's. When I do a 'test' in the undp adding software it gives me the correct values (IP addresses).

      In the UNDP poller I am specifying MIB value type as IP address, SNMP Get type Get Table, and polling type as a node. This all seems to be correct, and I have tried other permutations but cannot get the web service to report the correct values.


      Any help would be most appreciated.