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    NPM 10.1.2 RC will soon be available to registered customers


      Hello everyone,

      NPM 10.1.2 Release candidate (RC) will soon be available to customers who have a current NPM maintenance and fill-in this quick survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CHVX2XM

      RC are considered quality production and can be used for upgrade.

      We are looking forward to seeing your registration and thank you for using SolarWinds solutions.

      List of improvements in 10.1.2 RC:
      - Adds support for HP Procurve Autonomous Access Point 410 series
      - Misc changes in EnergyWise
      - Wireless-related performance improvements
      - SNMPv3 related performance improvement
      - Supports multiple pollers/metrics on the same chart for nodes and volumes (Interfaces and UnDPs were already possible since 10.1)

      List of fixes in 10.1.2 RC.
      This is for informational purpose only and is not intended to be exhaustive:
      - Wireless APs reporting down/up
      - Wireless information not reporting correctly
      - Wireless APs not appearing in Wireless Summary Page
      - Webconsole down
      - Wireless controller data is not accurate in Orion
      - Not able to change Energywise settings via NPM
      - Alerting error
      - Node Warning Level timer not functioning correctly
      - Critical issue after upgrade
      - Up nodes reporting no response.
      - Secondary IIS server not communicating with Thwack
      - Inconsistencies in report data via Report Writer vs. NPM Report website
      - Several problems with Syslog View from Web Console
      - Issue with Syslogs after upgrade
      - Syslog keep stopping
      - False alerts after upgrade
      - When restarting Orion service (Alert) we see old Node reboot Alerts
      - False alerts node reboot
      - Map rescaling (shrinking) issues (RC2)
      - Randon node drops across all pollers (RC2)
      - Updating community string - Interfaces in unknown state (RC2)
      - Job Engine 2 crashes (RC2)
      - Daily error: "An unhandled exception ('system.io.ioexception') occurred in SWJobEngineSvc2.exe" (RC2)
      - Acknowledge APM alert link does not work (RC2)
      - After upgrading to version 10.1.1 NPM Syslog viewer doesn't keep-up (RC2)
      - Missing caption information in Trap view (RC2)
      - Device details don't get displayed, slow response time (RC2)
      - Syslog problem, same message repeated in TRAPs (RC2)
      - Password exposed in PDF report email (link) (RC2)
      - Error During Network Discovery (e.g. MAC Addresses such as (RC3)
      - Syslog Service not working (RC3)
      - Issue after upgrade (e.g. false high response time alert) (RC3)
      - Getting lots of "phantom" alarms on High Response Time... (RC3)
      - Response Time issues after Upgrade (RC3)