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    How do I Filter Email Alerts By Node

      I am looking for the best way to receive an email alert when a component goes down. However I want to filter the alert by node. For example I have a department that wants a email alert when a certain server or group of servers have an issue but i do not want the Alert to apply to the entire network only to that departments servers. When I create a new alert in Alert Manager it it applys it to the entire network. I found a tutorial on the Solarwinds site but it was for an older version of NPM and the options are not there in version 10.

      Thanks in advance

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          There are two ways that I can think of:

          1 - Add a custom property to your servers to specify which department they belong to, and filter based on that custom property.

          2 - Create 2 UnDP's, add the servers for one department to one and the servers for another department to the other and filter based on the custom poller.

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              I would suggest the first suggested option, create a custom property for the department and create an alert for each department filtered on that custom property, if you have devices all departments should be alerted upon, name the department alldepartments or something like that and filter the alert so it has to include either one of these properties.

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                I ended up using suggestion 1. I added contact information to the Agent tab in the SNMP service properties on each node and modified my alerts to filter by the contact information.

                NOTE: After adding SNMP information I had to restart NPM service and rediscover nodes.

                thanks for everyones help!