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    Suppressing reset alerts


      I had this posted in the alert lab but was hoping that there might be someone here that's experienced a similar issue.  I'm trying to avoid opening a support ticket since I'm assuming there's a way of doing this that I haven't found yet.

      I'm currently trying to tweak some of my alerts to make them less annoying afterhours and seem to have hit a wall.  Basically, our alerts are setup to go out after a node is down for 5 minutes to an e-mail address 24/7 then send out the reset message when the node comes back up.  Afterhours, I have it setup that a node has to be down for 30 minutes before sending out a page to the afterhours pager.  These are the alert trigger actions that I have setup, the first line is for all hours, the third line is for afterhours weekedays, the fourth line is for weekends.  



      This works great on the alert end, the normal e-mail goes out as it should, then the tech gets paged to his phone 30 minutes later which repeats every 15 minutes until acknowledged.  

      The issue I'm running into is the reset trigger.   There is no delay option for the reset triggers that I can find.  It gives options to set the e-mail address, message, and time of day but no escalation option.  What this does is sends out pages that a node has reset even though the tech never received a page that it was down.

      I know its possible to setup seperate alerts for each time frame but that is what we are trying to get away with, plus these are much cleaner.

      Any suggestions out there?

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          I set up separate alerts, but I had to use a custom SQL trigger and added:

            (Not Nodes.NodeID in (
                     Select ActiveObject from AlertStatus
                       where AlertDefID = '<ALERT ID OF THE OTHER ALERT>' and State = 2

          and that made it so only one alert could be active at a time... not all that clean, but functional.  I wish solarwinds would add in something in to directly cover this type of after hours time delay.