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    Bug Producing HTML Reports


      Hi, I have just noticed a small bug.  If you run a report such as a backup running configs and check the "don't email me unless something changes" option, the HTML version of the report stored on disk is also not updated but the text version is.

      Unless someone begs to differ, my expectation is that the text and html reports are produced every run but the "don't email" option only affects whether the report is sent out as an email.



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          Steve Welsh

          Hi David,

          I just tried to recreate this issue on my CatTools 3.6 install and I couldn't.  The text and HTML files were both produced regardless of whether I had the 'Only notify be email if configs have changed' option (which I guess is the one you are referring to above?) selected or not.

          Please note: the config changes .txt and .html files found by default within the .\Reports\ConfigChanges\ folder will ONLY be created when changes are detected; however the status Report file (i.e. the one configured in the Activity setup first pane which by default would be .\Reports\Device.Backup.Running Config.txt) is created with every activity run, regardless of whether config changes are detected or not.

          If what you are observing is related to the two config changes files in the .\Reports\ConfigChanges\ folder (i.e. the .txt one is created, but not the .htm file); then please can you verify your exact option setting for your Device.Backup.Running Config activity, so I can try recreate the issue on my test system.

          Kind regards,


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              OK what you say helps me see what is happening: My .txt activity reports go into ...\reports\  as you describe, every time the activity runs regardless of whether there is a change.  The configs, diff reports and so on all get filed away in group-specific directories.  I don't get a text version of the diff report because I have unchecked that box, but the HTML diff report is saved in the correct location.

              However when something changes, I also get an HTML version of the activity report in ...\reports\ which is presumably because it has to create this to send it in an email but that file gets left there alongside the txt version of the activity report so it's confusing if you are browsing through the directory when there are aparrently two activity reports from different dates.

              Does that make sense?