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    report on number of times an interface has gone down in X number of months




      I'm trying to create a syslog report that will display a list of nodes and how many times the WAN interface has gone down in the past three months

      Can this be done?  I've attempted to use the Advanced SQL report type to do this without much success.


      Here's a sample SQL query I've tried:

      SELECT SysLog.IP AS IP_Address,
      SysLog.Hostname AS Hostname,
      COUNT(SysLog.Message) AS Message

      ((SysLog INNER JOIN SysLogFacilities SysLog_SysLogFacilities ON (SysLog.SysLogFacility = SysLog_SysLogFacilities.FacilityCode)) INNER JOIN SysLogSeverities SysLog_SysLogSeverities ON (SysLog.SysLogSeverity = SysLog_SysLogSeverities.SeverityCode))

      (  DateTime BETWEEN 40482 AND 40575 )
        (SysLog.IP LIKE '10.11%') AND
         (SysLog.Message LIKE '%down%') AND
         (SysLog.Message LIKE '%Serial%'))