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    Has ANYONE got Flexible Netflow working on 4500 with Sup7 that is understandable by Solarwinds Netflow


      Hi have been trying to work with Cisco over the past 4 weeks to get Flexible Netflow to work properly with Orion/NTA with zero success. This is a 4507R+E with dual Sup 7's

      I have the works TAC support person, but that's beside the point. I've spoken with SW and didn't get the warm and fuzzies on their answers either.

      It appears to me I will not be able to monitor layre "virtual" interfaces on the 4507, which is unacceptable and if the case I will raise a stink with Cisco one I get it working.

      So my questions are:

      Does it even work? This hardware, Flexible Network and NTA 3.7?

      The commands take and it just seems like NTA doesn't accept them, I'm guessing they are missing something like TOS, but this is not the same as regular Netflow.

      I have been testing many permitations, but I either get the traffic in NTA showing that it is coming from all interfaces, or it doesn't see any at all.

       Here's the config I am testing with today:

      flow record ipv4
      ! match ipv4 tos
       match ipv4 protocol
       match ipv4 source address
       match ipv4 destination address
       match transport source-port
       match transport destination-port
      collect interface input
      flow exporter NetFlow-to-Orion
       source vlan254
       transport udp 2055
      export-protocol netflow-v5
      flow monitor NetFlow-Monitor
       description Original Netflow captures
       record ipv4
       exporter NetFlow-to-Orion

      vlan configuration 254
      ip flow monitor NetFlow-Monitor input


      Any help would be great