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    IPAM Bulk subnet Import


      in my company i am trying to make use of the IPAM to manage the subnet address. As of today we maintain it in a spread sheet and wanted to so a bulk import to IPAM which does not work today. We are using 1.7.1 and when I am doing the upload there is no field in the database for the mask or for the CIDR. What needs to be done when I do so. Do some one encounterd similar issue. Help is much appreciated.

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          Hi do any of you have any suggestions.

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              Bulk Add Subnets can create subnets for you.

              Once subnets are created you can import IP addresses into it.

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                  I've just installed V2.0, but am running into the same issue.

                  I have several thousand subnets in my network (at least 10 class B networks).
                  I have an 3 customized MS access DB's with not only the IP info, but also the subnet info (many VLANs, point-2-point /31's etc.).
                  Each subnet has it's own common custom properties which I'd like to be able to import from the DB.
                  I have all this info in a CSV or XLS file, but no way of getting this in the Orion IPX DB.

                  Example, each subnet has these custom properties (to name a few):

                  Default Gateway
                  Subnet Mask
                  DHCP server
                  Primary DNS server
                  Secondary DNS server

                  AS a small test, I've imported 808 subnets using the excellent CIDR import tool, but there are no options to import any of these custom properties into the DB, even though I have created these fields already.
                  Many of these types of properties are common to all nodes in a subnet, so it only makes sense to assign these properties to the subnet and not each and every IP in the subnet (replicating the same info needlessly many times over). When I assign an IP address, I need to be able to export some of this subnet info with the IP addresses assigned, to give to the end user, so they know how to configure their device.
                  I also want to be able to search on multiple subnet fields, not just the IP custom property fields.
                  E.G. show me all the subnets on Floor 3 of Building ABC in City XYZ in Region DEF

                  Manually adding this subnet info for this many subnets is not a viable option for us.
                  The more import friendly you can make this tool, the more opportunties you will have to gain new customers that want to migrate from an existing IPAM platform, be it a homegrown solution or otherwise.

                  BTW, I'd also like to see drag and drop enabled between the right and left panes in the Manage IPs page.
                  Since the left pane is limited to 150 elements, creating a hierarchical view becomes very important for a network of this size. I find I have to group subnets into supernets after importing them, and dragging and dropping within the left pane is panefully slow <pun intended>.

                  The other option is to import a smaller number of subnets into a great number of supernets, but then the import process will take much longer. I could live with this if I could also import the subnet custom properties at the same time.

                  The tool is developing nicely, but I've been hoping these features/requests would have made it into IPAM by now, since I suggested them when IPAM was still just a twinkle in Solarwind's eye.

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                      Additionally, I'd like to be able to search on subnets & their properties.
                      I've got thousands of subnets, and scrolling through a pane limited to 150 entries is not viable.
                      Example, I have a subnet that I want to either create or add existing IPs to.
                      How can I find if the subnet is already created, and if so, what IPs are free to assign?

                      I can search on the subnet address, but that just takes me to a single IP entry if it exists.
                      Then I have to select it and view details. Then select the subnet from the bread crumb trail at the top of the page - not an elegant solution.

                      If it doesn't exist, then I have to try and find similar subnets to determine where to add it in the left pane. Since I have thousands of subnets in a hierarchy, this is not an easy task.
                      Being able to search on multiple custom subnet properties as mentioned in my post above would greatly assist in this task.


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                          We are working on making the import scenarios more flexible and this is great information! 

                          Also, we are going to make some improvements for people who need to manage a large number of subnets. This includes searching properties as well as increasing the number of subnets in the list. Until we can get this changed, you can modify this behaviour yourself using this tool:

                          IPAM v1.5 "Internal Settings" tool can help change UI defaults



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                              Thanks Mav, that's good to know you are addressing these scenarios.

                              Another invaluable tool would be a Custom Property Editor interface for the IPAM DB.
                              The CPE filter tool is very powerful and would allow one to update custom properties on multiple subnets at once.

                              The Orion NPM Custom Property Editor also allows imports of custom properties into multiple fields at one time.
                              This should be an easy port into the Orion SLX IPAM.

                              BTW, I'm running mine as a stand alone install on a server with NCM and EOC installed on it as well. It appears there is a 250 node license built-in to the stand alone IPAM. Very nice.
                              I assume this is required to add the DHCP servers into IPAM for monitoring.

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                          When i am importing the subnets by the bulk add subnets automatically the IP's are generated with in that subnet. Is there any option not to add the IP address on to the subnet by defaults.

                          You help is appreciated.