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    How to properly monitor VMware virtual machines, and virtual hosts, running on HP Blades, in an HP c7000 enclosure in Orion NPM.


      That was a mouth full!

      I am new to Orion, fairly new to VMware and a so-so with HP blades/enclosures.

      My goal; using Orion, I want to monitor VMware hosts and the virtual machines running on them.

      It is my understanding that I will use SNMP for all of this.

      I now know how to install HP's Management Agents for VMware ESX on a blade running ESX 4.1.  After installing these agents, not only was I able to discover the ESX server, running on the HP blade, in Orion, I was able to discover the blade server in HP System Insight Manager.  Two birds, one stone deal.

      Now I see the ESX server in Orion and under it are the virtual machines running on that host server.  In order to monitor those virtual machines, I must also have SNMP installed on the VMs.  So, I install the SNMP feature on the the virtual Windows 2008R2 server and viola, the virtual machine is discovered in Orion and is now also fully monitored.

      Can an expert chime in here and let me know if what I have written above is the right way to reach my goal?  Did I miss anything?  I am not use to installing SNMP on virtual machines since I was letting vCenter monitor them.  But, since Orion can show much more, I really want to use it to monitor everything!

      Thanks all and have a great day!


      - Dave Claussen