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    Canned Groups Reports


      In the section of the historical Groups Status section of the reports, each of these canned reports are wonderful, but I think they are not operating they way that they are supposed to operate. 

      This example is for the first report "historical Status of each Group - Last 7 Days

      What I see is (not real data)



                Down (1%)

                Warning (0%)

                Up (98%)


                Down (7%)

                Warning (8%)

                Up (85%)


                Down (2%)

                Warning (3%)

                Up (95%)


                Down (5%)

                Warning (0%)

                Up (94%)

      and it keeps repeating for 7 days.  If this report was for last month, it would repeat showing group 1 status and group 2 status for each day.


      I feel that the reports should show the average of the status for the time period, not for each day of the time period.


      How can I write a report of tweak these reports to show me the average for the time period and not the averages for each day within the time period?