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    "Client script error" when adding new activity

      My CatTools version is 3.6 and it is running on a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits notebook.

      I'm  trying to add a custom activity. I read and followed the instructions  within the program's help section. When I copy the four necessary  template files to the respective folders (the .ini file to the Activity  folder and the device custom file and the client and main script files  to the Scripts folder) and modify only the activity ID in the .ini file  to a number in the 4000 to 4999 range (say 4001) I get the following  error when running the activity: "Client script error: Wrong number of  arguments or invalid property assignment: 'SendCommandSingle' on line:  6619".

      It seems there is a problem with the template, specifically with  the SendCommandSingle function call. How can I work around it? Is there  any documentation available for this function?

      Thanks in advance,


      PS - Also sent this question to SolarWinds support.

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          Steve Welsh

          Hi Pedro,

          I believe this issue was answered via your tech support ticket.

          The underlying issue is that some of the older device type scripts (Cisco.Router.General and Cisco.Switch.IOS for example) require a slightly different set of parameters for the SendCommandSingle call.

          If any other users encounter this same issue in the future, please raise a ticket with CatTools tech support specifying which device type(s) your custom activity is failing for.  We can then provide you with a list of the correct parameters for these older device scripts.

          Kind regards,