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    3rd party scripts help

      We are getting multiple alerts such as:

      status: The drive or share doesn't have enough free space.

      This occurs when it reaches 15%. My question is vs having to go into each and every location that reports this problem, and make changes. Is there a way is a way with a 3rd party script to make these changes across the board like setting the limits to 5% instead of the standard 15%?

      Also, is there a good post about how to make and use scripts for ipmonitor?

      Thanks in advance,


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          Hello ekimmike,

          You can mass change all of your drive space monitors to a 5% threshold using the Mass-Edit Tool.  Here's what you need to do:

          1. Go to Devices tab.
          2. Click "Edit -> Mass Edit -> Monitor Properties"
          3. Use the following values:


          Start with: No Monitors

          SmartGroup Filter Rules:

          1. Add monitors where "Property" "Object Type" Matches Regular Expression: "drive"

          Replace using Change Rules:

          1. Replace Min Threshold by Overwrite.  Replace with: 5


              4. Click Preview to make sure you changing the right things and then click "Next".

          That should be all.

          Regarding your other question, are you wanting to communicate with ipMonitor using scripts?  If so, you can use ipMonitor's SOAP interface.  More on this is found here:


          If you are wanting ipMonitor to trigger scripts, you need to use the External Process Monitor.

          If you have any additional questions, do let us know.

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