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    LANsurveyor 10.4 Release Candidate - Calling for Sign-ups



      Almost that time for the RC for LANsurveyor.  This release was mainly focused on fixing defects and certifying on Visio 2010.

      For any customer on active maintanance that is interested in installing the RC, please sign up here and I will contact you when it is ready.


      Items in RC:

      • Support for Visio 2010
      • New Getting started screen
      • Updated icons
      • Fixed switch port mapping report
      • Map spacing fixes for Symmetrical
      • No longer overwrite name of node after scan
      • Port labels should now match even on stacked switches
      • Fix crash condition where the threat list file is corrupted
      • Fixed “Redraw map when new nodes discovered”
      • LANsurveyor now shows more correct connections to switches now
      • Now use all 5 bytes of mac for ID of device