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    Top XX Processes by <component> only WMI and not SNMP


      It appears the pre-canned reports for Top XX Processes by [cpu, virtual memory, physical memory] only work for those processes you're monitoring via WMI. For the ones using SNMP they will not show up in the list.

      For example if you monitor the sqlservr.exe process via WMI (which it does by default in the SQL Templates) it will show the results in those lists. However it will not show the data in the SNMP ones.

      There are a couple of reasons this doesn't work. For one, some of our devices/servers are not monitorable via WMI for various reasons. Second, WMI does not show memory values above 4GB, whereas SNMP will. So on our SQL servers the processes that are given more than 4GB, I can see their value. But if I watch them via WMI they only report back 4GB. I know this is not Solarwinds' fault, but the problem is I can't get those processes to show up in the Top XX Processes modules for a view. This should somehow be fixed