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    Need Assistance with Licensing the NTA.  Unable to license

      Trying to license Network Traffic Analyzer  I do not have tech support.  I called Customer Service, and Sunny sent me the link to the download file.  When I goto ,start><solarwinds orion>< netflow traffice analyzer> <license netflow traffic analyzer>, I get an error saying “Response from Solar Winds Online Key Server- You have no licenses for netflow module V3 for Orion SL250 available “.  If I click “skip this and enter software license key now,” I am given a software serial number, and prompted to enter a software license key.  Sunny says her system won’t accept that serial number.  She reset it again, and had me try again. That also failed. I went to the solarwinds site, logged in, and tried to manually  license the product, and it is asking for a unique machine ID.  The Info on the site showing how to locate the unique machine ID does not seem to fit our version of the software, as we continue to receive the software serial number, and don't see a unique product Id anywhere.  Please advise on how to get the NTA licensed.