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    How can I add a global monitor to a bunch of devices?

      Hey All,

      First post here, so be nice! :)

      Ok, so I've inherited a previous install of IPM at my new job, and I've been tasked with configuring it properly, as it was only ever half-setup.

      This is the first time I've actually configured any monitoring software, so please bear with me...

      What I'd like to know please is (and I've read the IPM Help file from top to bottom!) this:

      Is there a way to create a monitor (say, for a particular service), and then add multiple devices into that monitor? So that I don't have to go to each device that already exists in IPM, and setup a new monitor for that specific service on that specific device?

      Failing that, how do you rescan an already-discovered device for suggested monitors please?

      Oh, IPM is v9.05 btw.

      Thanks in advance.