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    10.0 -> 10.1 update


      I have NPM 10.1, NTA 3.7 and NCM 6.0. I'm upgrading license from SL500 to SL2000 but I'd like to do necessary updates also. What is the right way to go forward?

      I've already upgraded NTA license, so that's ok. But for NPM, there is 10.1 and couple of hotfixes and SP available. What is the right sequence to install, license first or updates first? If license should be upgraded first, then I'd need to reinstall 10.0 to be able to upgrade license. So it would be more practical to update software first. But in the other hand, if 10.1 still have some bugs, then I'd rather stay on 10.0. I've read about some bugs in 10.1. Are they already corrected? So is it safe to update now?

      I've understood it should go like this:

      1. backups (of course)

      2. NPM 10.1 (needed to be able to upgrade license)

      3. Hotfix1

      4. SP (hotfix 2 included?)

      5. Hotfix 1 again

      6. License upgrade


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          Hi lsmo--

          Curious why you installed HF 1 twice...did I miss something?

          Orion NPM 10.1.1 Service Pack 1  Now Available a link about the latest release of NPM: 10.1.1 SP 1.

          And The specified item was not found. a link on our very comprehensive upgrade instructions that you can download from you customer portal. If you have the chance, definitely acquaint yourself with these instructions b/c they spell out the upgrade process very clearly.