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    Dependencies not behaving as expected


      I have setup a few very basic dependencies, and noticed this morning (due to an outage event) that they don't quite behave as I was expecting, and wanted to see if I could get some feedback from the community and SW on if this is a bug, or expected behavior...


      The scenario here involves a far end node at a satellite facilty that is down due to the point to point T1 circuit being down.  The near end device managing the T1 is an Extreme Alpine 3808 switch, and I am monitoring both the DS1 interface as well as the logical PPP interface for the circuit.  I have created two dependencies involving the far end router, one reliant on the DS1 interface, and the other on the PPP interface.

      The issue that arose today was that the PPP interface went into an Administrative status of Shutdown, and Operation Status of Down, due to an issue on the line.  I would expect the dependency to not trigger alerts on the child node and mark it as Unknown status, but instead it seems to be ignoring the dependency and still arking the child node as down.






      SolarWinds Orion Core 2010.2.1, NCM 6.0, NPM 10.1.1, IVIM 1.0.0