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    Web console will not validate SNMP


      This is a problem I've experienced for a while now but it's finally gotten to be too much to ignore.


      While using the web console and adding devices, there is absolutely no way that I can SNMP to validate. Due to security restrictions, I am only allowed to use SNMPv3.


      If I add a device and input the proper SNMPv3 credentials, I will receive an error that the credentials could not be verified, and I am asked if I want to continue.


      Now, without changing any credentials, if I just manually go into the NetPerfMon database and change ICMP to SNMP in the ObjectSubType field of the device record, NPM will succesfully poll the device and gather its hostname, vendor information, etc.


      Is there some kind of patch that hasn't been applied or some other reason why the web console would constantly fail SNMP validation? Even after verifying SNMPv3 connectivity, the web console will fail to validate if I attempt to list resources on any device.