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    Run TFTP as service

      I have just updated to the laest version ( of TFT Server and there doesn't seem to be a way to run it as service. in the hel it states

      1. Right-click (icon) in the Taskbar Notification Area.
      2. Click Options.
      3. Check Start When Windows Starts.

      However the Icon is incorrect and there is no Options option.

      Is the help out of date and how do you run this as a service as was possible in the older versions?

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          The help file is out of date. The TFTP Server is installed as a service. You should be able to find it in Administrative Tools -> Services. Look for SolarWinds TFTP Server. It can be started and stopped like any other service.

          When you start TFTP Server from the start menu it launches the UI. The UI will also let you start or stop the service as well as change the settings. When you are finished with the UI close it by clicking on the red X in the upper left corner and the service will continue to run.

          Sorry about the out of date documentation on that.