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    Can I view separate sets of flows in the single NTA view?



      We have an SolarWinds server running NPM and NTA and it's currently collecting and displaying Netflows from our internal network. We want to start collecting and viewing Netflows from our external subnet (i.e. our public-facing, Internet POP), but we don't really want to stand up an whole new Orion/NPM/NTA server just to see these flows. However, I'm afraid that if we direct these external flows to our existing NTA, it will just see them as more sets of flows, and display them with the existing internal flows. So, for example, I'd end up having Top Conversations or Top Endpoints from both our internal and external networks showing up in the same pie charts.

      So my question is, can we direct these external flows to our existing SolarWinds server and view them separately, as a separate NTA instance?  For example, maybe I could have my single SolarWinds Orion/NPM server, but I'd have two separate tabs for NTA - one would be NTA-Internal and the other would be NTA-external (or something like that).