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    Orion 10.1: Very Nice Work!


      Well, since I am quick to point out places where I think improvements are needed I figured I should take this opportunity to also point out where I feel things were done well.

      Orion 10.1 is a great release of the product!  The new features are all awesome and things the product really needed to elevate it to the next level.  The new VMWare vCenter integrations were exactly what we were looking for; a quote from my manager after I showed it to him "now this is enterprise class monitoring".

      The 10.1 release not only gave me the improved VMWare visibility that we really needed but it also provided the improved User Management that I have been asking for as well as a way to aggregate the traffic of our border routers into a single graph (as a datacenter & service provider with multiple upstream providers this was really important).

      Great Job to the SolarWinds team for this awesome release of NPM.