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    Need help in getting IP info from device interfaces..


      What I have been wanting to get is a report that will look at all the nodes I'm monitoring, and if there is an IP address assigned to an interface report it back.

      NODE       INTERFACE     IP              SUBNET

      NODEx      serial0/0    /30

      NODEy      serial0/0    /30

      I have been looking in the report writer and any reference it has in reporting an IP is the "global" ip that the device uses from DNS

      I have been searching out here on how do this with help on Universal Device Poller.  thought I found some stuff to do but by the time I reached the end of the artical my head was spinning, as I'm not a programmer or seem to be good working with the mibs..

      So if the only way to do this is via the UDP then I'm going to need my hand help as to what is needed to be done..  Then it seemed the work is only part done as then the actual report needs to be made..