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    Memory and CPU thresholds using custom properties


      It seems like every time I turn around, my systems guy or a customer wants to change the alert threshold for CPU or memory.  For instance, some devices need to send an alert when CPU usage is at 90%, others at 95% and still others no one cares unless it's up to 99%. Rather than continuing to write a ton of alerts, I would like to use a custom property to set the threshold value.  However, I am not able to work out how I can use those CP thresholds to set my alert triggers.

      For example, I have a custom node property called CPUAlarm thats an integer value.    If I set CPUAlarm to 90 on a particular device, how can I write a general alert with the condition that compares the current CPU usage value to the CPUAlarm value in my custom property?  

      Hopefully the answer is very simple and I'm just not coming up with it for some reason today.  It is Monday, after all. :)