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    How to: Link to or Embed NetFlow Resources in a WordPress Site for Customer Usage Viewing


      Okay, part of our network is a WiSP network for rural residential and commercial properties.  I use NTM to view all of this traffic flowing back to one edge router.  Recently management has been asking if we can somehow add a link in our website (built using WordPress) to allow customers to view their usage (possibly avoiding overage charges).  Each customer has a static private address they could search with, or could be passed to Orion from their approved user account on the website.

      Currently I have the NetFlowEndpointDetails view customized for my own viewing, and I see that the IP address and time frame are held in the URL - modifying either in the URL works fine.  I think I know conceptually what I want to do, but I'm not really sure how to go about it.  Has anyone done anything like this before?  Any help is appreciated.