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    View visually trace route from remote office to core network in NPM


      Is there a way to either use nap maker or lansurveyor or even the Engineers tools to view the trace route from a remote network router to a core network device in a data center to watch the route and responce times a packet takes.

      We have remote offices that are seeing ping times of the following

         RT-SIOU_SD-  1020ms  1020ms  1020ms  0 %  
         RT-SIOU_SD-  909ms  909ms  909ms  0 %  
         RT-Mapl_MN-  718ms  718ms  718ms  0 %  
         RT-Wood_MN-  581ms  581ms  581ms  0 %

      I would like to be able to see where these are having issue and be ablet to either have a provider to call or be able to show management that it is on the network where we do not have control to fix.

      I know visual route does this but I was hoping there was a way to do this in NPM.

      Thanks in advance