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    Possible to parse out a line from SNMP Traps?


      I been searching all over and the documentation to see if this is possible (doesn't look like it).

      I have a SNMP trap going to solarwinds that looks just like this:


      snmpTrapEnterprise = SNMPv2-SMI:enterprises.6024.1.3 
      experimental.1057.1 = 
      enterprises.6024.1.3.3 = 3884--01/21 08:36:25--00:00:00.0--411 
      enterprises.6024.1.3.2 = SuccessionBuff 
      enterprises.6024.1.3.1 = AAKuEADD 
      snmpTrapOID = SNMPv2-SMI:enterprises.6024. 
      sysUpTime = 18 hours 23 minutes 35.00 seconds 

      What i'm looking to do is parse out this specific line:

      enterprises.6024.1.3.3 = 3884--01/21 08:36:25--00:00:00.0--911

      To be able to make a cleaner formatted email.  Basically what im doing is logging 911 calls from our PBX and going to dispatch a notification to our security department. The format of the line can be altered, here is what it represents.

      3884--01/21 08:36:25--00:00:00.0--911
      Extension From---Date/Time call placed--Duration--Number Dialed