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    Unmonitored Traffic


      Can anyone help me to get on how we can enable all Port for monitoring? Because most of the traffic in my TOP 10 Applications falls under the Unmonitored traffic. But even after we click on the Monitor All port and also on Monitor all applications. We still see the Unmonitored Traffic. Is there a SQL Statement to enable all ports?



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          Unmonitored traffic is traffic that has no port assigned to an app name

          Eg http - port 80 , but if you moved the server port to 81 if there is no assigned app to port in the list it's then classified as Unmonitored, you need to add the names and ports that are not in the list for it to start monitoring them 

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            Andy McBride

            It will take some time for that setting to show up on the web. We don't go back and reclassify old flows, just ones recieived after the setting is made.

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                He may be having the problem I had.  Somehow all the applications got set to UDP only which made just about everything appear as unmonitored

                The fix was to Disable All Monitoring.  The re-enable it.  This reset all the protocols to the correct settings but also deleted my user defined applications.

                The case number was #201789

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                I just received confirmation that this was re-created in the lab by SW, flagged as a bug, and will be fixed in NTA 3.8.