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    Need Help With SQL Filter - Ignore Certain Interfaces


      I currently use the "Nodes With Problems" report and filter against it to weed out what I don't want to see.  I am having a problem when trying to keep nodes out of the report that show the Tunnel interface as down (since it needs to be).   Can anyone tell me what the correct filter would be?  All mine give me an error. 

      My current filter looks like this...  routerlocation = 'CA' and UnManaged = 'False' and Status<3 and Node_Type not like 'Test'

      I just want to add to the end of it the ability to exclude the node in the report if the interface includes the word Tunnel.


      Status  router 1Node is Up
      Interface 'Tunnel0 - Tu0' is Down. 
      522ms 0 %