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    What Hotfixes to install for Toolset?


      How am I supposed to know what Hotfixes to install for the latest version of Toolset?  Normal intuition would tell me I at least need to install HF4, however, I just downloaded the software and see HF3 included as well.  So am I supposed to load both HF3 & HF4? 

      I was under the impression that Hotfixes are cumulative but with HF3 also being included it looks like they are not.  Can someone from SolarWinds please explain the methods to your madness and how we are supposed to know what Hotfixes need to be installed for any product without having to download the latest software all the time to check?  Thanks!

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          Typically hotfixes are cumulative but in this case you will want to install hotfix 3 and hotfix 4. Hotfix 3 is related to Tftp Server which is contained in Standard, Free, and Engineers editions of the Toolset. It is cumulative of Hotfix 1 & 2. Hotfix 4 is related to Switch Port Mapper which is only in the Engineers Edition of the Toolset. Hotfix 4 was kept separate since it was only for one edition of the Toolset while the previous hotfixes were for all editions of the Toolset.

          I hope this clears up the confusion.



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            You are correct, hotfix 4 does not include hotfix 3. There should be a readme file with the hotfix which explains the purpose of the fix. For example, Hotfix 4 adds additional commands to the switch port mapper command line tool.