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    Real-Timne Interface Monitor: Queue Errors (Cisco Only)



      I just installed downloaded and installed the latest Toolset, and it works ok.  Except for

      the specific item I was looking for - The monitor with the 'Output Errors (Cisco Only) screen.

      This is where you can see Total Output Drops and Input Drops, etc. 

      The problem is that NO NUMBERS are displayed.  However, when clicking on a column,

      it is sorted correctly by the monitor!  E.g. is has the Output Drop numbers, but it does not display them.

      Is this a 'feature' of the trial-version?  :-)  Naturally, I tried  different Cisco devices, including the 3750.

      I even tried an emulated Cisco device via the GNS3 code.

      Same problem - The Monitor knows the numbers but it will not display them...

      Thanks in advance