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    Timed Basic Alert & Alert Email Action


      Is there a way to enable the "Email me when node goes down" type of alert based on the amount of time the device has been down? For instance, "Email me when a node has been down for 2min" and Email me when a node has been down 20min, email me when a node has been down for 1 day.


      Also, I found the documentation on how to add variables to the email alerts. I was able to get some custom properties of the node added to the email, but the email only displays the contents of the field. Can someone provide the syntax to not only include the contents of the field, but the actual field itself.

      INstead of

      Alert: 2960-8TC-L is Up.


      test city for email variable

      test comment for email variable

      Mental Health





      Alert: 2960-8TC-L is Up.


      Circuit_ID: DOITNOW/HA

      Department: Mental Health