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    SolarWinds Product Portfolio Unclear


      Firstly I would like to congradulate SolarWinds on their recent aquisition of Hyper9, I am glad to see that the company we choose for our system monitoring solution is so successful.

      The concern I have for SolarWinds is product dilution or a lack of clarity in the product portfolio.  A while back SolarWinds acquired the Profiler product line and now the Hyper9 product line in addition to the already existing Orion product line and all of them seem to have a fair amount of overlap.  Then there was also the recent User Feedback for New Productsabout two new products that SolarWinds is working on that also seem to have overlap with other existing SolarWinds products.

      With what seems to be a significant amount of overlap between all of these different products it has become unclear to me which products I should be using in different situations.

      What I would like to see is a more focused and deliniated product catalog (documented of course) that identifies each product in the SolarWinds line and explains the target audience(s) and use case(s) for each product so it's more clear how they are different and when you would use one over the other.

      Maybe I am the only one that finds the lines between these products unclear?

      I would love to hear from others, both that agree and disagree and why.  I would also love to hear from SolarWinds on this topic.

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          Well, leaving out products that are not yet finished /  are not in the product line I think the audience or use-cases for the products seem clear enough to me... for those that are yet to come out I would give solarwinds the benefit of the doubt and assume that they would clarify things once stuff gets into the solarwinds portfolio.

          My guess would be that if there is any overlap at introduction, that the development of the overlapping part will then only continue in the newly introduced product, making it much clearer as to what you should purchase in which case after a while

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            Thank you for the congrats first off, we are excited as well to welcome them to the family!

            Not sure if you have had a chance to check out the solarwinds.com website recently, but one of the big changes you will notice is the navigation and how we have broken it into functional areas which is directed at what ever part of IT Management you are responsible for.  Those areas being:

            • Network
            • Storage
            • Applications & Servers
            • Virtualization & Cloud 
            In some organizations there are groups which one of these verticals are their core focus and responsability and in other places it is a one stop shop of folks who do everything.
            If you fit into either of these two groups, we have one or more products to help you perform those duties.  All while providing these solution in a manner that is easy to install & use and at a cost effective price point that you are familiar with from SolarWinds.
            If you have specific instances or examples of question, please shoot them out and I will do my best to address them.

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                This is very interesting for us.  We engaged Hyper9 recently to show us their product to fill in gaps from Orion (specifically storage management and capacity planning).  Now, with it being a SW product, it has our focus again.

                It sounds like the product will continue to exist on its own for now - like Storage Profiler.  Is it too early to talk about possible integration with other product suites (Orion)?  Will there be any tie-ins for customers that already use SW products?  


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                    Is it too early to talk about possible integration with other product suites (Orion)?  Will there be any tie-ins for customers that already use SW products?  

                    Too early to talk about at the current point in time.  If you need assistance in re-engaging with the sales side of things let me know and I can get someone in contact.  However, regarding product, once we have plans in place we will communicate them on thwack as we did with Profiler in the what we are working on threads.