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    Remote Control



      i got asked a question today that I didn't know the answer to, so I am trying to find the answer.

      Basically can Solarwinds remote control network devices.  I seem to recall something about it, but not a great deal.  To put it another way, if I wanted to sit at my desk and remote control an end users pc or server, is this possible natively through Solarwinds?



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          Andy McBride

          No - this is not one of our features. We use goto meeting when we need to do so.

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            no, you can only have a link to automatically call remote desktop session to that device


            EDIT: Andy was faster :P

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                Hi can you explain how to setup the RDP; I am trying to call C:\windows\system32\mstsc.exe from the Label of a server to launch RDP, but it doesn't work. Basically I can use a URL (HTTP), but I would like to call RDP.


                Is this waht you were talking about?





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                    When You click into Node Details for that windows node  you should see and option for that node which includes Remote Desktop On the top right of the node details page  .If you don’t please follow the below instructions.

                    Open up all security settings for ActiveX Controls (like you stated above)

                    ·     Make sure the Orion website is in the Trusted group

                    ·     Open the browser, and manually download the SWToolset.exe

                    o  http://<orionserver>/Swtoolset.exe

                    o  Save this file somewhere (hopefully where all users will have rights)

                    ·     Open a command prompt with Administrator Rights (accessories -> right mouse click -> Run as administrator

                    ·     Very important: Close all your browsers to the Orion website!

                    ·     Navigate to the folder where you saved the SWToolset.exe file

                    ·     Run "SWToolset.exe /regserver".

                    ·     Open the browser, nav to Orion, and see if it asks you again about installing the ActiveX (it shouldn't, you just did it manually).

                    ·     If you do not get the message, give something a right click and see if you get the menu.

                    This will manually install the ActiveX Control. It seems I was not able to get the control install via auto download from the browser.


                    Joe Hanly