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    Change Orion IP address?


      My Orion server got P2V'd overnight, and now has an IP in a different subnet. 

      The Orion web page no longer works... not even on the server... by name, IP, or  And though the NPM gui loads fine, and all my devices are green, I have no data being collected... graphs come up with the "no data available for that time period" error.

      Any thoughts?  I don't have to run through the entire install again, do I? just to recover from an IP change?

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          For the Orion web page, if site in IIS was tied specifically to the old IP address (instead of All Unassigned), that would probably cause you problems getting to the web console. 

          For your statistics collection, it could be an ACL issue.  We have ACLs on our devices that define what IPs or subnets can poll snmp data.  If the new subnet isn't in your ACL, Orion won't be able to poll the statistical data from your devices.

          Your snmp-server community statement will look something like this if you have an ACL on it (assuming you're looking at a Cisco device)

          snmp-server community public RO ## (## of your access list)

          Your ACL will be something like: (again, assuming a Cisco config)

          access-list ## permit

          access list ## permit

          Hope this helps.