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    Vendor MIB's



      I'd like to know if Orion NPM haves Intersystems MIB's inside your database, which is the right way

      to discover this ? I'm using NPM v10.

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          You can browse through the MIB DB by going to the Universal Device Poller on the Orion server.

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            Hi Contracer,

            If you feel you have a MIB that hasn't yet been integrated into our Master MIB, try this first:


            - Open the Univesal Device Poller program (Start -> All Programs -> SolarWinds Orion -> Network Performance Monitor -> Universal Device Poller)




            - Select Browse MIB Tree


            - Select Search MIBs


            - Search by NAME (or OID) and then enter the Name or OID into the search field.


            - in this case I searched for BdStatsEntry found in the BD.MIB, and it returned this MIB information:




            This would mean the MIB is already integrated into the Orion Master MIB.



            If you are not able to find the OID's you are looking for this way then please open a support ticket with NPM support and provide the MIB in your first reply email and let them know you were unable to find any OID's from this MIB.  Support will help you get that integrated into our Master MIB.