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    Multiple SNMPv3 user credentials with same name on Network Sonar Wizard


      It looks like I found a bug with Network Sonar on NPM v10.1.1 SP1.  We have SNMP devices that support either DES or AES128 encryption.  When I tried entering two different credential sets (one using DES and the other using AES128), with the same Username the system wouldn't let me.  It said the username already exists. 

      In other areas of Orion this isn't a problem for us because we can name the credential sets and use the named item, however, in Network Sonar our existing credential sets are not used (why I don't know).  It uses the Username in Network Sonar so you can't have two that are the same.

      I also noticed that when I add typically 2 more credential sets they don't stay in place and when the page refreshes they are gone.  Does this mean that everytime I need to add a subnet that I'll have to retype these in?  That's a big FAIL in my mind if that's the case.

      Is there any other workaround we can use until this functionality is fixed?  Can SolarWinds update Network Sonar to use Orion's credential sets?  Until this is corrected, we can not use Network Sonar which is a big dissappointment in my mind because we were looking forward to using the Auto Connect feature of Network Atlas among the other features that Network Sonar provides.