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    NCM-NPM Global Super Hero Search


      hey folks!

      I have a request here that I know has been requested before but I have a slight modification to it that I don't think has been requested already. This feature request is part NCM part NPM (for the integration). I'll give a brief summary of the request and then a bit of back ground.

      I'm looking for a modification to the search tool in NPM that will use NCM inventory/config details to find information about unmanaged interfaces from devices that are in Orion NPM.  

      I have a tool called Netwhere which is used by our NOC it's pretty old and we're looking to retire it. Netwhere monitors our nodes using SNMP; it doesn't monitor utilisation stats however it monitors every interface on every device for it's status, it also has a config repository for all the nodes. Despite it's age the search feature is leagues ahead of NPM & NCM and can do things that neither SW tools can do. 

      Example, in the search box I can type in an interface description (without specifying and parameters) and very quickly it brings up a tabbed page. The first tabbed window contains any nodes that matched the serach string and a link to that node details page, the second tab contains any interfaces that matched the search string and a link to the interface details page.

      Having the results returned in such a manner combined with the high speed at which it returns it makes this tool critical when troubleshooting issues fast. I would love to replace this tool with NPM-NCM but sadly this one lacking feature is preventing me from doing so.

      I know there have been many requests for non-specific searching in NPM and also the ability search NCM inventory data in the NPM GUI, but I'm asking for the whole lot and more. I want to be able to search non-specifically from NPM web GUI and I want that search to check NPM database, NCM inventory and NCM configs. I also would like NCM to parse config lines so that it would be able to link config data to database table data. 'case in point' associating interface descriptions in a config to an interface that is being monitored in NPM.

      It's a tall oder but just think how amazing it would be to search for information in such a way!!

      Kind regards