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    Enabling Gadgets for Offline systems


      I noticed that in the SolarWinds Labs, you currently have a couple products listed.  They are Subnet Calculator and SNMP Tester.  What is the process to install and enable these tools for systems that do not have Internet access?  Thanks!

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          I'm going to forward this to our sales team who can help you find a way to download the tools w/o the internet.



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            Here is the process to manually install a plugin. The URLs, GUIDs, etx will be different for each version of Toolset but the process should be the same. I've used the URLs for Toolset 10.6 for this example:

            Make sure that Workspace Studio is closed down and there are no dettached gadgets still running.

            First locate your Workspace Studio settings file this should be found at:
            [ACCOUNT PROFILE NAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\SolarWinds\Dashboard\MainSettings.xml

            Open this file and location the entry for 'UpdateManifestURL'. The value of this will be a URL that (for 10.6) should look like:

            Enter that URL into a browser and you should see an xml file streamed back that contains a section that looks like:

            <Plugins Version="10.6">
            <Plugin Version="" Name="SNMP Tester Plugin" DownloadUrl="http://www.solarwinds.com/embedded_in_products/productLink.aspx?ID=TOOLSET_SNMP_TESTER_PLUGIN_10-6" Id="30C65C87-7FCE-4f58-ABC2-55847DC233AC">
                  Test SNMP using various commands.
            <Plugin Version="" Name="Subnet Calculator" DownloadUrl="http://solarwinds.s3.amazonaws.com/solarwinds/Release/PreRelease/SubnetCalcPlugin.zip" Id="B439F895-252C-4639-AED5-7892DC896855">
                  Calculate subnets for IPv6 or IPv4.

            Let's assume you want both the SubnetCalc and SNMP Tester plugins. Download the ZIP files from the following two links:

            Now you have two ZIP files. Note that they are associated with GUIDs in the XML. Create folders that match the GUID names at:
            [ACCOUNT PROFILE NAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\SolarWinds\Dashboard\Plugins

            So you should now have two folders named:
            [ACCOUNT PROFILE NAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\SolarWinds\Dashboard\Plugins\30c65c87-7fce-4f58-abc2-55847dc233ac
            [ACCOUNT PROFILE NAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\SolarWinds\Dashboard\Plugins\b439f895-252c-4639-aed5-7892dc896855

            Unzip SubnetCalcPlugin.zip into the b439f895-252c-4639-aed5-7892dc896855 folder.
            Unzip SnmpTesterPlugin-v10.6.zip into the 30c65c87-7fce-4f58-abc2-55847dc233ac folder.

            Okay, you are almost there.

            Locate the PluginRegistry.xml file usually found here:
            [ACCOUNT PROFILE NAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\SolarWinds\Dashboard\PluginRegistry.xml

            It probably contains xml that looks like:
            <Plugins NotifyWhenNewGadgetsFound="True" GlobalDisable="False" />

            Replace the entire contents of that file with:
            <Plugins NotifyWhenNewGadgetsFound="False" GlobalDisable="False">
              <Plugin State="Enabled" EulaAccepted="False" Id="30c65c87-7fce-4f58-abc2-55847dc233ac" Name="SNMP Tester - Experimental" Version="" DownloadUrl="http://www.solarwinds.com/embedded_in_products/productLink.aspx?ID=TOOLSET_SNMP_TESTER_PLUGIN_10-6">Test SNMP connectivity</Plugin>
              <Plugin State="Enabled" EulaAccepted="False" Id="b439f895-252c-4639-aed5-7892dc896855" Name="Subnet Calculator" Version="" DownloadUrl="http://solarwinds.s3.amazonaws.com/solarwinds/Release/PreRelease/SubnetCalcPlugin.zip">A tool for calculating subnet addresses for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.</Plugin>

            Save the file.

            Start Workspace Studio and open 'Application Settings' and goto the 'SolarWinds Labs' section.
            You should see both gadget in the 'Installed Gadgets' list. They should be currently disabled.
            Select a gadget and click the 'Enable' link. It will present the End User LIcense Agreement to you. If you agree to the terms click 'Accept'.
            Select the other gadget and enable it.
            Restart the Workspace Studio.
            Select the Gadget Pane and you should see both plugins in the 'Plugins' folder. They are now available for use.



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                Thanks for the feedback.  I'll give it a try and see how it works.  It appears to me that these labs are generally rolled into the product at some point.  Any idea when these will be available in the base install? 

                It would be great if in the future, that labs could be developed as executables so it would be easier to integrate on systems that are not connected to the internet.  Any possibility of this feature request seeing the light of day? 


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                    We review the outstanding labs each Toolset release to determine if we want to roll the lab into the release, update the lab, drop the lab, or continue it until we get additional feedback. That discussion hasn't happened yet and I am not permitted to comment on time frames of releases.

                    As far as making the labs stand alone executables there are currently no plans for that. That can always change but we have not received many requests for that.