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    Node reboot status based on uptime change, not based on snmp service restarts


      Personally I consider this a bug, but it appears to work the way SW intended so I'm submitting it as a feature request:

      On some of our servers our snmp service restarts relatively often. This is an issue and we monitor the service to know when this occurs. However solarwinds lists the uptime based on the last time this service started which to me is really inaccurate. Uptime (and the subsequent 'node rebooted' alerts) should really be based on the the node actually rebooting. For example using systeminfo on a windows machine you can see how long it has been up. I heard there is a OID for this value too, but the point is that Orion should be using this already and not have to rely on us figuring out which to use and how to use it and customize the node details as such. Now I get alerts when a node reboots for real or just snmp service restarts.